Hey! I Have an Idea… 


What about if I turn this blog into a blog where people can find other WordPress kid blogs? You can just comment with your blog URL and a category you think it would fit into, and I’ll add it to a page under that category! That way kids can find other kid bloggers. But please, jus WP blogs! Although you can put in your blog if it is something besides WordPress and I’ll put it in the other section. 


Megan from http://abarefootgal.wordpress.com/


42 thoughts on “Hey! I Have an Idea… 

  1. Super cool idea! What if instead of just putting the blogs on certain pages, you made a post about each blog? Like, the posts would include the URL, blogger’s name, and maybe some pictures from that blog? That way, the links to new blogs would show up in people’s feeds, and you would still be posting, instead of simply creating new pages. Just an idea.

    Anyway, here are my blogs:

    https://blueeyesgrayeyes.wordpress.com. A photography/writing blog.

    happyhouseofag.wordpress.com. An American Girl doll blog.


  2. Awesome!! I’m really excited for this blog!! I would say I go until Lifestyle, I talk about anything going on in my life or anything I’m interested in… Or just plain old random stuff :). And my blog is Flourishingbyrestfulfalls.wordpress.com

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      1. Your welcome very muchly! She is a person That has a cool blog, but just started it a few days ago and I’m really the only one who knows about it so far! I already told Allison about it though! I think it should be seen by more people and this would be a GREAT way to do that! 😀 🙂


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