WKB Review #1

WKB Reviews


Hello all of my new viewers!

First of all I want to thank you for all of your responses. I have gotten over ten blogs added to my pages, and so much encouragement!

And now, what is a WKB Review? I will be doing ‘reviews’ on two blogs that I choose every week. Shall we begin? Alrighty then!

First of all I am going to ‘review’ Loren’s blog, Blue Eyes Gray Eyes. I figured she should have the first review since she kind of gave me the idea. xD


Blue Eyes Gray Eyes is a blog that fits best into the Writing and Photography categories. Loren posts tips for writers, her stories (which are extremely interesting and well written), writing prompts, and challenges! But that’s only the writing part; she also does photography! Here are some examples of her photography.






This was actually a photo from a cooking fail but I think it looks really pretty!



Aren’t they gorgeous?

Here are some posts by Loren that you might want to check out:

Capt. Divisor, the “Think Fast” Game, and Other Stuff

Christmas Wishlist

I Want Pizza // It’s Jake From State Farm


Next review will be on the blog A Day In the Life.  Miranda’s blog is pretty much just a lifestyle blog, and very lovely one at that.

She does some craft posts, some photography, and lots of other things! Here are some photos from her posts.



So… go check out her blog!

Some fun posts from her:

Ohhh the Weather Outside is Frightful..

Room Tour

Craft – AIR FORT!!!

So there you have it. The first WKB review.  Can’t wait until next week!



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