WKB Review #2

WKB Reviews


It’s time for the second WKB review! Who will be reviewed?

To start with, I’m reviewing Geeky Girl’s blog The Dolls of Texas.

Of course, this is a doll blog. πŸ˜€

Geeky Girl does lots of neat photo stories, photo shoots, and challenges on her blog. Her photo stories are really realistic, her dolls once packed shoe box for a girl! Here are some photos from her posts.

Β Β 

Β Β 

There they are! Some of these are from her photo stories, other from photo shoots.

Some cool posts from Geeky Girl:

The Circle of Thanks

Emily and the Christmas Tree
Little Dolls, Big Mischief
How To Bead Your American Girl’s Hair


And now for… Josie on the Go! Josie’s blog is not WordPress, but she probably fits best into…. Hmmm. Maybe Writing?

Josie is my partner in our monthly button giveaways (you can sign up for one HERE) but she also has a wonderful blog full of stories, challenges she’s doing, and writing prompts!

She does have some photography, but I’ll just pi some snippets of her writing instead, because she is a writing blog!

Sadie replied yes and ran up to the silhouette, Livia not far behind her. This was her one job- help Princess Sadie and save their world from disappearing for eternity. She could not mess it up, for her family, for her world. All of the sudden, the princess had started to cry again.

I would imagine ways, like if she had been running and one day found herself in there, or maybe ate a crumb cake that teleported her. But I knew that if there was a way in, then there was a way out, and I was determined to find it.

Her writing prompt.

Sadie paced on the stone brick path that led up to her house, knowing she could not keep her secret much longer and would soon have to leave on her quest. Not even her adopted family knew her true heritage as a royal. She opened the door to the small cottage where she resided, and went into her room.

Isn’t she good?

Some of her posts:

642 Things to Write About


Awesome Food Award

Day 10 (An Average Day)

Chapter One A of my Book

Number two is done! I just wanted to tell you guys who were wondering, your blogs get chose completely by random chance, so your turn will come sooner or later, I do not do repeats. πŸ˜€ Thanks for putting your blogs on, I try to get them up within that same day.



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