WKB Review #3

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Lets just get right to the review….


The first blog on the list is called God’s Bright Light!  The author of this nice little blog is Maddi or, as she calls herself sometimes, the Madster. 😀

She has done a Christmas challenge and also writes about her doll, Sandy sometimes too!

Here are some photos from her blog.

maddi's birthday wishlist





And some posts from her:

Merry Christmas and Challenge!

My Awesome Birthday and Christmas Wishlist!!!

Craft Idea For School Supplies

Best Friends 4ever Photoshoot!

My new bunny!

If you only check out one (I hope you check out more though), check out the last one! SO cute! xD

Annnddd…. I’m only doing one. Yeah, a lot busier than I thought I would be! Next week we still have off so expect two then!

Bye for now!


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