WKB Review #4

WKB Reviews


Today we have two doll blogs!

First up, Clara!!

Clara’s blog, Clara’s Craft Corner, is a blog where she posts about her dolls.  She occasionally posts about other things, but mostly her dolls. 😉

She has also done a photostory (a very good one at that) which I will link to later on. But first, PHOTOS!

Chehaw+More 439 (800x600)

Here are some great posts from her:

Photoshoot with Ivy!

“Would You Rather Buy…..” game!

Things I’ve been sewing!

Best Of 2015: Day 3

CWWC and…. my new doll!

Do any of those posts sound interesting to you? Then check them out by clicking on the words!

Now I will review…. Mya from AG Lane!

Mya has seven AG dolls and seven non-AG dolls, but they are all very cute!

Some of her photos:

2015-10-24 069

2015-12-26 003


I have no idea how she got the dolls into that position on the last picture, but it looks amazing!

Some of her posts:
A fall photo shoot

My AG stop motion!!

Cecile Photoshoot!

Infinity Dreams Award!

AG Christmas Haul 2015!

Her stop motion is really neat. 🙂

And that’s it for WKB #4!  For those of you who don’t know, WKB stands for WordPress Kid Blogs. 🙂




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