WKB Review #5

WKB Reviews


Yay! This is my fifth review, feel free to leave your blog address here so I don’t run out of blogs to review! 😛


The first blog to be reviewed today… is…. Maddy’s Digital Diary! Yay!

Maddy’s blog is actually in the Lifstyle category, but I think it has a lot of great photography also! She is actually selling her photography on Etsy (Maddy Crone Photography), I think you should check it out! Some photos from her blog are…





Bird 2

From what Maddy last told me, I think they have 23 birds. Or somewhere around there. 😀 Some cool posts that you can check out:



Recent Edit

Meet Mango


Another blog that I will be reviewing is Allison’s blog, A Farm Girl’s Life.

She lives on a farm and posts about rabbits, nature, photography, and crafts as well as other fun things. Here is some photography from her posts.


-Allison (bunnies dressed up) 063

-Allison(helium, crochet less. 1) 017

-Allison(Megan's B-day Party) 003

I tried to choose each of these posts from different categories:

My ATC Collection

Make Your Own Game! Part 1: The Board

Almost Snow – December Frost


Furry Things in a Field


And there you have it, the fifth WKB review! I hope you check out these wonderful blogs!

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