WKB Review #6

WKB Reviews

Okay, I decided to give in and just do one review each week. That way I can spend more time on it. 😀

The blog I will be reviewing today is…

Olivia’s Sylvanian Stuff!

Her blog is about her little Sylvanians, I think somewhere around forty of them! 😀 They are really cute and she does a lot of photo stories with them. She also has posted about her Tsum Tsums. She has the Bambi one, the Sven one, and the Minnie Mouse one.

First, some pictures of her Tsum Tsums. 😉


Bambi and Sven


Minnie mouse and some of her Sylvanians.


And a picture of all of her Sylvanians,


Look at them all!

Here are some photos of her critters doing some fun things.




edited cows pic


First, some neat photostories,

Part 1: The News

Book Club: week 1

Daisy’s Schoolbag

And just some fun, random posts. 😀

Unseen holiday photos

Fancy Dress Day

Two little pups from America!

Handmade Cottage

There you go, some new posts to check out! I hope you enjoyed this review, and if you have a blog, I don’t mind in the least if you ask me to add it! XD




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