WKB Review #8

WKB Reviews

Sorry for not posting on here lately.


Today’s review will be on Samantha’s blog, Red Head With a Book.

This blog is about books and writing, that’s why it’s called Red Head With a Book! 😀 Samantha posts book reviews and some of her stories on this blog. She posted the last part of a story for a writing fair yesterday, it was great!

She also does a really neat weekly thing. It’s called Word of the Week and each week she will post a strange word and its meaning. She challenges you to write comment or post using it, so fun! 🙂

Some other things she has posted about are book inspired crafts, some Harry Potter jewelry, and a What I’m Reading post. She has done a few none book posts.

Here are some photos from her posts!





I didn’t put that terrible many photos on, but it is a pretty new blog and I didn’t want to spoil all the posts! 😛

Word Of The Week: Atrous

Smelling Books

What I’m Reading: January 2016

Holiday Room Tour: My Bookshelf

Some Awesome Handmade Jewelry That Book Lovers Will Love

There are some posts to get you started! 😀






8 thoughts on “WKB Review #8

  1. Ooh I LOVE Heather Vogel Frederick: I cannot wait for the final MDBC to come out, I’m going to be so sad that this is the last book in the series ;-; But hey now we have Absolutely Truly books to look forward too 🙂 (I love her blog as well!)


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