WKB Review #10

WKB Reviews

How’s everyone doing? Have you survived any April Fool’s pranks?

Well, here’s the tenth review. I don’t know how many blogs I have on this website, but it’s at least twenty. Wow! Thank you guys!

Anyway, ready to see who get the 10th review?

Okay…. I’m putting the names in the random name picker… Ready? Ok!

The tenth blog to be reviewed is Craftz’n’Craziness! Hooray for Suzy! 😀

Craftz’n’Craziness is a lifestyle blog, and an everything blog. 😛 She posts interviews with other bloggers, book reviews, craft tutorials, she’s done a giveaway… In other words, this is a very fun blog. 🙂

She doesn’t have super many photos, so I’ll just do her amazing graphic designs and you can click on them to see the posts. 😀

Here we go:


Interview w/ Madi Image

3 Ways to Make Cleaning More Fun

DIY Desk Organizer Image


Suzy’s posts are really awesome, I encourage you to check out her blog!

Thanks for reading,



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