The Blog Treasure Hunt!


Clara & Co.

Hello, everyone!

Do you remember when I told you I had something exciting coming up soon? Well, guess what?









TA-DA!!!!!! 😀 😀

You’re probably wondering what on earth this is. 😛 Allow me to explain:

You’ve probably done a treasure hunt before.. you follow the clues and find the treasure. Easy, right? This is the exact same thing… except it’s virtual!

There are 14 clues hidden on 14 different blogs. The first clue will be right here on my blog. That clue will lead you to another blog, and so on! At the end of the hunt, there is a SUPER AWESOME virtual prize hidden on a password protected page! 😀

How do I play?

Make sure you read this whole post so you don’t miss anything! Then, read the first clue at the end of this post…

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